Kamini Maheshwar

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In Mobile Wireless Ad Hoc Networks (MANET) every node functions as transmitter, router and data sink is network without infrastructure. It must discover its local neighbors and through them it will communicate to nodes that are out of its transmission range. Various features like open medium, dynamic topology, lack of clear lines of defense, makes MANET(More)
An isocratic RP-HPLC method (Method-A) and two visible spectrophotometric methods (Method B and C) were developed and validated for the determination of Clobazam in bulk and tablet dosage forms. In Method-A, a PEAK chromatographic system equipped with Zodiac C-18 (250mm, 4.6mm and 5μm) column, mobile phase of composition 10:30:60 (v/v/v) of tetra hydro(More)
An ad-hoc network is often defined as an infrastructure less network, meaning a network without the usual routing infrastructure like fixed routers and routing backbones. Typically, the ad-hoc nodes are mobile and the underlying communication medium is wireless. In mobile ad-hoc networks, the data tends to be intercepted by malicious node when using a(More)
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