Kamilla Bargiel-Matusiewicz

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BACKGROUND The emotional intelligence is a basis for active, adaptive coping with stress. The persons with high emotional intelligence can better recognize potential stressors, can use emotions in coping with problem, as far as they cope in better way with negative emotions evoking in stressful situation. The authors verify the thesis that individual style(More)
In this study, psychological conditions of pro-health lifestyle behavior have been analyzed. A first research group consisted of 88 healthy people (44 males, 44 females) aged 19-39. Psychological analysis showed a positive correlation between the internal locus of control and adherence to healthy diets; a correlation extending to the knowledge about healthy(More)
The article is devoted to psychological aspects of functioning of patients with AIDS. The issue may be analysed from different perspectives. The article focuses on two of them. The first--a point of view of the person directly affected by the new illness and the second--a perspective of social phenomena accompanying AIDS. The empirical research have been(More)
In spite of the constant development of pharmacotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) remains highly efficient form of therapy in psychiatry. Among the interesting aspects connected with ECT we can mention patients' attitude and their psychic comfort. Since many patients undergoing ECT treat the situation as stressful, the research being done has been(More)
Psychological factors may contribute in creating and maintaining of overweight that often results of disturbances of individual's psychosocial functioning. That is why psychological impact should be a significant element of both obesity treatment and prevention of recurrence. The article presents a project implemented in the Obesity Treatment Centre "Waga"(More)
Alcohol, drug addiction or any other addiction to psychoactive drugs constitutes one of the most serious social problems in Poland. Despite systematic and more professional addiction prophylaxis, increased consumption of psychoactive drugs can be observed among children and youth. Prophylaxis is often limited to giving information on what must not be done(More)
Despite reluctance of a part of medical society to accept the moral and/or legal permission to euthanasia, there is seemingly a common agreement on the need to resolve the problem of excessive therapy. Several ethical concepts are used to justify decisions to withhold/withdraw such treatment. Three of them are of particular value. The ordinary-extraordinary(More)
More than half of girls and women treat themselves as obese persons. It is connected with the ideal of slimness, predominating in our culture. The consequences of this cult of slimness involve more and more frequent disturbances in nutrition. Problems, which are the basis for obesity, anorexia and bulimia cannot be related merely to nutrition, weight and(More)
UNLABELLED Bright light (BL) treatment is a new biological treatment used in psychiatry. The probable mechanisms of action of BL treatment are synchronisation of biological rhythms and increase of serotonin transmission in the human brain. The main indication for BL treatment is seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Indications, tolerance and mechanism of(More)
The article presents contemporary depiction of the issue of stress. High prevalence of stress in our life unsurprisingly results in the fact that it has become a subject of scientific research. The problem unites representatives of various human related sciences, mainly medicine, sociology and psychology. The contemporary understanding of stress focuses on(More)