Kamila Hlavčová

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Since medium and long-term precipitation forecasts are still not reliable enough, rough estimates of the degree of the extremity of forthcoming flood events that might occur in the course of dangerous meteorological situations approaching a basin could be useful to decision-makers as additional information for flood warnings. One approach to answering such(More)
This paper analyses the bivariate relationship between flood peaks and corresponding flood event volumes modelled by empirical and theoretical copulas in a regional context, with a focus on flood generation processes in general, the regional differentiation of these and the effect of the sample size on reliable discrimination among models. A total of 72(More)
A distributed hydrological model was applied for estimating changes in a runoff regime due to land use changes. The upper Hron river basin, which has an area of 1766 km2 and is located in central Slovakia, was selected as the pilot basin. A physically-based rainfall-runoff model with distributed parameters was used for modelling runoff from rainfall and(More)
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