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Our goal was to calculate resource use associated with administration of zoledronic acid, compared with pamidronate, as palliative care for patients with metastatic bone lesions. We conducted a time-and-motion study of therapy administration at each of three outpatient chemotherapy infusion sites participating in clinical trials of zoledronic acid and(More)
Filgrastim alone and sequential sargramostim and filgrastim have been shown to be more effective than sargramostim alone in the mobilization of CD34(+) cells after myelosuppressive chemotherapy (MC). We sought to compare costs and resource use associated with these regimens. Data were collected prospectively alongside a multicenter, randomized trial of(More)
BACKGROUND Discontinuation of dialysis is a common cause of death. We performed a prospective study to determine if a detailed description of patients could be used to identify those at risk for discontinuing dialysis. METHODS Two hundred thirty-five dialysis patients were studied for 3 1/2 years. Using questionnaires, medical chart analyses, and(More)
Cecal volvulus is a rare cause of intestinal obstruction after major abdominal surgery. A case of cecal volvulus occurring in the early postoperative period after left colon resection for malignancy is presented. Clinical evaluation and plain abdominal radiographs suggesting cecal volvulus prompted laparotomy and correction. Delay in diagnosis results in(More)
Peptidoleukotrienes may be important mediators of human bronchial asthma. Accordingly, the effects of a selective leukotriene (LT) biosynthesis inhibitor (MK-0591) were assessed in allergic dogs characterized by acute bronchoconstriction and subsequent airway hyperresponsiveness induced by inhaled ragweed allergen. Peak acute increases in airway resistance(More)
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