Kamila Štěpánková

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A series of novel octahedral ruthenium(III) complexes involving 6-benzylaminopurine (L) derivatives as N-donor ligands has been prepared by the reaction of [(DMSO)(2)H][trans-RuCl(4)(DMSO)(2)] with the corresponding L derivative. The complexes 1-12 have the general compositions trans-[RuCl(4)(DMSO)(n-Cl-LH)]⋅xSol (1-3), trans-[RuCl(4)(DMSO)(n-Br-LH)]·xSol(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title complex salt, (C(12)H(11)ClN(5))[RuCl(4)(NO)(C(2)H(6)OS)]·H(2)O, contains a 6-(2-chloro-benzyl-amino)purinium cation, a tetra-chlorido(dimethyl sulfoxide)nitro-sylruthenate(III) anion and one solvent water mol-ecule. The Ru(III) atom is octa-hedrally coordinated by four Cl atoms in the equatorial plane, and by a dimethyl(More)
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