Kamil Michalak

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The present study examined the effects of ANF(4-28) [Wy-47,663], a synthetic 25 amino acid human atrial natriuretic factor, on the dipsogenic actions of centrally-administered angiotensin II in conscious rats. Bolus injection (100 ng) or continuous infusion (60 ng/min) of Wy-47,663 or vehicle into the lateral cerebroventricle had no effect on mean arterial(More)
This paper reports data on the effect of green tea on the lipid peroxidation products formation and parameters of antioxidative system of the liver, blood serum and central nervous tissue of healthy young rats drinking green tea for five weeks. The rats were permitted free access to solubilized extract of green tea. Bioactive ingredients of green tea(More)
The brain is an organ which metabolically consumes about 20% of the total oxygen received by the organism. This causes the generation of free radicals, especially in the presence of some xenobiotics, such as ethanol. In order to prevent free radical-induced cellular damage, the organism developed a defense mechanism, the antioxidative system. The content of(More)
Oxidative stress induced by chronic ethanol consumption, particularly in aging subjects, has been implicated in the pathophysiology of many neurodegenerative diseases. Antioxidants with polyphenol structures, such as those contained in green tea, given alone for 5 weeks in liquid Lieber de Carli diet followed by administration with ethanol for 4 weeks with(More)
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