Kamil Jezek

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The use of reversible lesion techniques in memory research was pioneered in the laboratory of Jan Bures and Olga Buresova. We use the occasion of Jan's 75th birthday to briefly review the experimental utility of this approach. Two experiments from our current research are reported in which reversible lesioning methods are used to ask otherwise(More)
We will make the readers of this paper familiar with two basic approaches to repeated sequences extraction – a suffix tree based method and an inverted list based method. The first algorithm (ST) makes use of a tree data structure known from suffix tree clustering (STC) where each node represents one word and the root represents the null word. Thus, each(More)
Real-world programs are neither monolithic nor static—they are constructed using platform and third party libraries, and both programs and libraries continuously evolve in response to change pressure. In case of the Java language, rules defined in the Java Language and Java Virtual Machine Specifications define when library evolution is safe. These rules(More)