Kamen Kanev

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Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) is synthesized in the liver and found in high concentrations in blood plasma, liver, heart, pancreas, vascular endothelium, skin, brain white matter, smooth muscle cells and adipocytes. BChE is a non specific enzyme that hydrolyzes different choline esters (succinylcholine, mivacurium) and many other drugs such as aspirin,(More)
Learning of kanji is a complex process that requires significant time and effort for understanding fundamentals of kanji construction, developing adequate writing skills, retention of proper meaning and language use, etc. Research presented in this work addresses earlier stages of kanji learning where basic understanding of kanji composition takes place and(More)
This article presents an educational framework, designed to support knowledge acquisition and skills development pertinent to program validation and in particular to formal methods for verification of object-oriented programs. The framework is intended to span from undergraduate classes, for junior and sophomore students, up to advanced classes, for(More)
Tabletop computers (also known as surface computers and smart tables) have been growing in popularity for the past decade and are poised to make inroads into the consumer market, opening up a new market for the games industry. But before tabletop computers become widely accepted, there are many questions with respect to sound production and reception for(More)
In this work we present a novel concept for satellite based cloud computing integrating virtualized information resources from satellites and from the Internet. We first discuss the role of satellites in the infrastructure of cloud computing. Second we focus on some practical aspects of cloud computing, considering different configurations for access to(More)