Kamen Beronov

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Many scenarios inmedical research are predestined for grid computing. Large amounts of data in complex medical image, biosignal and genome processing demand large computing power and data storage. Integration of distributed, heterogeneous data, e.g. correlation between phenotype and genotype data are playing an essential part in life sciences. Sharing of(More)
OBJECTIVE Atherosclerotic plaque formation results from a combination of local shear stress patterns and inflammatory processes. This study investigated the endothelial response to shear stress in combination with the inflammatory cytokine TNF-alpha in a simplified model of arterial bifurcation. METHODS Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (ECs) were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Rupture of atherosclerotic plaques is one of the main causes of ischemic strokes. The aim of this study was to investigate carotid plaque vulnerability markers in relation to blood flow direction and the mechanisms leading to plaque rupture at the upstream side of carotid stenoses. METHODS Frequency and location of rupture,(More)
Abbas Kader Abbas Shimon Abboud Mona Abdolrazaghi John Patrick Abraham Steven Abramowitch Nurettin Acýr R. H. Adamson Sudha Agarwal Guillermo Aguilar Tabassum Ahsan Metin Akay Mohammed P. Akhter Ata Akin Ian G. Aldous Adriano Mesquita Alencar Francisco Alencar, Jr. Ahmed M. Al-Jumaily Kyle D. Allen Alejandro Almarza Anton Amann Davide Ambrosi Paulo Eduardo(More)
A major prerequisite for successful planning and control of the medical treatment of blood vessels with stenoses or aneurysms is the detailed knowledge of the individual situation in the damaged vessels. Modern tomography methods provide good spatial resolution, so that vessel walls as well as prostheses can be easily and rapidly identified. However, the(More)
Detailed numerical simulations of blood flow in arteries with various malformations and its conjugate loads on the vessel walls have been a research topic for specialized medical and engineering communities over decades. The present state of computing resources and software allows access to these elaborate diagnostic and research tools to a broad user(More)
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