Kamel Saidi

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology " s Intelligent Systems Division has been researching several areas leading to safe control of manufacturing vehicles to improve automated guided vehicle (AGV) safety standards. The research areas include:  AGV safety and control based on advanced two-dimensional (2D) sensors that detect moving standard(More)
We present a method for tracking objects in 3D by comparing views from multiple video cameras against a 3D model. Camera-based object tracking is a vast field that until recently has been limited to the 2D (image) domain. With the falling cost of sensors in recent years, the research community has been shifting its focus to 3D tracking using networks of(More)
  • Michael Shneier, Tsai Hong, Geraldine Cheok, Kamel Saidi, Will Shackleford, Penny Pritzker
  • 2015
Detecting and tracking people is becoming more important in robotic applications because of the increasing demand for collaborative work in which people interact closely with and in the same workspace as robots. New safety standards allow people to work next to robots but require that they be protected from harm while they do so. Sensors that detect and(More)
The lack of clear visibility and spatial awareness frequently results in construction accidents such as workers being struck by heavy equipment; and collisions between equipment and workers or between two pieces of equipment. In addition, certain processes such as excavation and drilling inherently pose constraints on equipment operators’ abilities to(More)
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