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Security components such as firewalls, IDS and IPS, are the mainstay and the most widely adopted technology for protecting networks. These security components are configured according to a global security policy. An error in a security policy either creates security holes that will allow malicious traffic to sneak into a private network or blocks legitimate(More)
Nowadays, network infrastructures are supervised by human operators. These operators are submerged by a massive surcharge of information and alerts caused by security mechanisms. In this paper, we focus particularly in anomalies detection systems and propose a multi-levels architecture allowing in one hand, the enhancement of the diagnosis' quality for(More)
Firewalls are core elements in network security. However detecting anomalies, particularly in distributed firewalls has become a complex task. Mobile agents promise an interesting approach for communications between different distributed systems. The main challenge when deploying mobile agent environments pertains to security issues concerning mobile agents(More)
We have designed a system that provides support for physicians, regardless to their specializations. The main objective of the system is to ensure an accurate diagnosis to local unclassified patients. Our computerized support system takes as input clinical data collected and stored in an electronic patient record. It generates, as output, recommendation for(More)
Nowadays, to survey and guarantee the security policy in networks, the administrator uses different network security components, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems (IDS). For a perfect interoperability between these components in the network, these latter must be configured properly to avoid misconfiguration anomalies between them. However,(More)
It is well known that the tests and diagnostics influence greatly the communication software reliability. The testability and the easiness of the diagnostic process of communication software are becoming a major concern of the design community. The fault detection and the fault localization problems are strongly related issues. The easiness of diagnostics(More)