Kamel Bencheikh

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L'intérêt d'utiliser des biomatériaux et particulièrement du corail en chirurgie rachidienne cervicale est lié à la volonté de supprimer les inconvénients liés à la prise de greffe osseuse dans les arthrodèses, que cette greffe soit iliaque ou encore péronière ou tibiale. L'étude du corail depuis 1970, chimique, microscopique, biomécanique puis clinique a(More)
In this Letter we study spontaneous generation of triple photon states in optical fibers by third order spontaneous downconversion. Using a semiclassical approach we derive an explicit expression for the triple photons generation efficiency as a function of fiber parameters. We show that optical fibers with well suited index profiles and standard outer(More)
We show that coherent population oscillations effect allows us to burn a narrow spectral hole (26 Hz) within the homogeneous absorption line of the optical transition of an erbium ion-doped crystal. The large dispersion of the index of refraction associated with this hole permits us to achieve a group velocity as low as 2.7 m/s with a transmission of 40%.(More)
Phase-matched third-harmonic generation is demonstrated in a germanium-doped optical fiber. Green light at 514.4 nm is generated in an LP(03) mode when a pump field at ~1543.3 nm is launched into the fiber in the fundamental LP(01) mode. The phase matching is achieved for a particular combination of the germanium doping concentration and the fiber core(More)
We report on far-field measurements of L3 photonic crystal (PhC) cavities with high quality beaming. This is achieved by means of the so-called "band folding" technique, in which a modulation of the radius of specific holes surrounding the cavity is introduced. Far-field patterns are measured from photoluminescence of quantum wells embedded in the PhC. A(More)
We demonstrate a cw doubly resonant optical parametric oscillator that is frequency doubled in an external resonant cavity to the visible spectral range. We obtained single-frequency radiation in the range 565-590 nm with as much as 3.8 mW of power, which is continuously tunable over an 18-GHz range and step tunable over 160 GHz. The source is well suited(More)
We propose and demonstrate a nonlinear parametric amplification system that relies on sequential use of a nonlinear phase shift (Kerr-like effect) and on phase-sensitive parametric amplification. We demonstrate amplification that is 50% better than with a bare phase-sensitive amplifier as well as two additional effects: inversion of weak optical modulation(More)
We performed an intermodal third-harmonic generation around 516 nm in a germanium-doped silica optical fiber. The analysis of the complex polarization behavior that was observed allowed us to determine the orientation symmetry group of the fiber and the relative values of the independent coefficients of the third-order electric susceptibility tensor.