Kamel Barra

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ATP is a key energetic molecule, fundamental to cell function, which also has an important role in the extracellular milieu as a signaling molecule, acting as a chemoattractant for immune cells and as a neuro- and gliotransmitter. The ionotropic P2X receptors are members of an ATP-gated ion channels family. These ionotropic receptors are widely expressed(More)
In this paper, a new extended cascaded predictive control with multiple reference models method ECGPC/MRM is synthesized under energy saving control of an induction motor drive to improve high efficiency of the drive system. The method gives the possibility to control at the same time different variables more than in conventional CGPC. For this method, the(More)
The paper presents a predictive direct flux and torque control of an induction machine based on finite states space model. The proposed control algorithm selects the switching state of the inverter that minimizes the quadratic error between torque and flux predictions to their computed values for all different voltage vectors. The optimal voltage vector(More)
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