Kamel Ayachi

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A new method called PAIR (Puncture-Aspiration of cyst contents—Injection of hypertonic saline solution—Reaspiration) was used as a percutaneous treatment of hydatid cysts. In 37 patients, 120 cysts were punctured. All patients had not been considered surgical candidates. The cysts were localized in the liver, peritoneum, spleen, kidneys, muscles, and bones.(More)
INTRODUCTION Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (HALE) is a rare, benign proliferative vascular disorder of unknown etiology which typically presents as tumor-like nodules of the skin or subcutaneous tissue. It concerns mostly young female adults. We report a case of HALE located on the ear auricle diagnosed by biopsy. The outcome was total(More)
Hydatidosis is a major public health problem in Tunisia. The infection rate in the normal population is over a 100 times higher than in the generally accepted hyperendemicity level (1,720 in 100,000 as against 13 in 100,000!). The use of drugs of benzimidazole derivates prevents the development of scolices into hydatic cysts and allows to try a non-surgical(More)