Kamel Aissat

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Several methods can be used to provide water to plants in cropping systems where irrigation is necessary. For instance, drip irrigation has recently received much attention due to its advantages for water conservation. The type of irrigation can also impact the development of several pathogens responsible for soilborne diseases. Here, we studied the effect(More)
Traditional medicine has been used worldwide for centuries to cure or prevent disease and for male or female contraception. Only a few studies have directly investigated the effects of herbal compounds on spermatozoa. In this study, essential oil from Thymus munbyanus was extracted and its effect on human spermatozoa in vitro was analysed. Gas(More)
Ridesharing is a mobility concept in which a trip is shared by a vehicle’s driver and one or more passengers called riders. Ridesharing is considered as a more environmentally friendly alternative to single driver commutes in pollution-creating vehicles on overcrowded streets. In this paper, we present the core of a new strategy of the ridesharing system,(More)
In order to find biocontrol agents that are both efficient against Botrytis cinerea Pers. and adapted to tomato growing conditions in Algeria, 121 bacterial strains were collected from tomato plants and nearby soils in two Bejaia greenhouses. A total of 37 strains were selected based on their ability to grow on agar medium and on their different level of B.(More)
Ridesharing concerns people that are willing to intelligently ride in order to save money and protect environment. The idea is based on a better use of private car. More precisely, it aims to bring together individuals that share, even partially, a trip. In the recurring ridesharing problem, when an offer is matched with a demand, the driver picks-up the(More)
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