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A case presented here is that of a nine year old male patient with total anodontia. Findings of this case as regards to the orofacial, radiographic and other general manifestations were suggestive of hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. The dental problems were best managed by prosthetic replacement of dentition taking into consideration a design which would(More)
Benefits of seed priming in seedling establishment and tolerance to subsequent stress exposure are well reported. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the priming mediated benefits are not much discovered. Results of our earlier experiments established that thiourea (TU) seed priming imparts cold tolerance to capsicum seedlings. Therefore, to(More)
BACKGROUND Assess prevalence and severity of malocclus ion in 12 - 16 year old population of Travancore using IOTN index. Tertiary care setting, with the study being conducted in the Dept of Orthodontics at PMS Dental College & the samples being collected from four different dental health care centres. Study design is descriptive study. MATERIALS AND(More)
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