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BACKGROUND Germ cell tumors are neoplasms that originate from multi potential germ cells and can be intra or extra gonadal. According to pathologic classification, they have different subtypes. They account for 3% of pediatric malignancies and most commonly happen in children before the age of 15 years old. Epidemiologic evidence about pediatric germ cell(More)
BACKGROUND Evidences about survival of the patients with head and neck squamous cell carsinoma (HNSCC) have been scant in our region. OBJECTIVES The aim of current study was to determine clinico-pathological and treatment-related factors, influencing outcome of these patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS We have reviewed all patients with a new diagnosis of(More)
INTRODUCTION Accurate diagnosis and proper treatment of oncology patients presented to emergency department (ED) can dramatically enhance their quality of life and decrease their mortality rate. Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate these patients from an epidemiologic point of view as well as identifying death-related factors. METHODS In this(More)
INTRODUCTION We have presented a rare case of growth hormone (GH) producing pituitary adenoma with lymphocytic infiltration and brain parenchyma invasion. CASE PRESENTATION A 37-year-old woman has presented with complaints of headache, amenorrhea and acromegalic features. Her laboratory studies showed markedly elevated levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor(More)
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