Kambiz K. Moez

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A fully-active low-noise amplifier (LNA) for ultrawideband application is presented. Passive on-chip inductor of conventional LNA design is replaced by low-noise active inductor, significantly reducing the total chip area of the proposed CMOS LNA. The core LNA circuit is a cascoded common-source amplifier loaded with an active inductor. Two buffer stages(More)
This paper presents a 60 GHz power amplifier utilizing a novel technique to achieve high efficiency at high output power levels. The proposed topology provides the capability of dual mode operation. The output power of a conventional class A power amplifier will be combined with the power provided by an amplifier operating at a different class to achieve(More)
This paper presents a novel matrix-based lumped-element theoretical analysis of CMOS distributed amplifiers that employ the image impedance technique for the input/output terminating networks. The design of distributed amplifiers can be more efficient in CMOS technology by using lumped-element modeling of the distributed amplifiers rather than the one(More)
This paper presents a novel broadband bandpass amplifier in CMOS technology based on the distributed amplification technique. In this design, the conventional lowpass LC filter structure of the CMOS distributed amplifiers is replaced by a bandpass LC filter structure only in gate transmission lines. The drain transmission lines topology is preserved to(More)