Kambiz Heidarzadeh Hanzaee

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This study aimed at finding out which e-lifestyles avoid internet advertising more. To this aim, a survey was conducted on 412 students working with internet. Structural Equation Modeling approach was used for estimating the validity of research constructs and multiple regression was utilized for hypothesis testing. According to the findings, individuals(More)
This study seeks to discover the answer to this question by reviewing the literature and other studies in Iran and other countries: What factors are the main factors in customer satisfaction of electronic banking services in Iran? The main objective of this paper is investigating and studying the most important factors in the field of e-banking services in(More)
This research investigates the effect of consumption emotions on satisfaction and word of mouth communications. Research conceptual model has its roots in Russell's pleasure-arousal model from the field of environmental psychology. The primary objective of this research is to examine the impact of consumption emotions on satisfaction and word of mouth(More)
This paper discusses the effect of brand image and perceived public relation on customer loyalty. Data were collected via a questionnaire distributed to LG Electronics consumers in Tehran. Hierarchical regression analysis of data from 385 respondents was used to test two hypotheses. The results show that perceived public relation has a positive relationship(More)
The present research aims to explore a scale of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Iran. In this way, it reviews the literature exist on corporate social responsibility, gathers data and analyzes the data to test the emerging trends. After confirmation of reliability, factor analysis and multi dimensional scaling are used to an established survey(More)
This study develops a theoretical framework to examine the role of utilitarian and hedonic values in Mobile cells services adoption phenomenon and consumer's attitude to it. This study also presents an investigation of the key antecedents of utilitarian and hedonic values to understand the mechanism of enhancing these values. This study posits information(More)
The purpose of this study focuses on the role of cognitive andaffectivetrust in building relationships at the consumer level. More specifically, we examine the proposition that consumer trust in service providers has distinct cognitive and affective dimensions with unique antecedents and consequence. The subjects were 304 consumers of insurance services in(More)
The paper reviews the literature on destination branding, destination image and reasons for revisiting and recommending. The branding of destinations has gained popularity among city in recent years. The current study aims to develop and test a theoretical model of destination branding, which integrates the concepts of the branding and destination image.(More)
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