Kambiz Ansari Mahabadi

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In this paper, we review the approaches developed in our laboratory to fabricate polymer-based microfluidic devices to suit a range of applications in bio- or chemical analysis. Thermoplastic materials such as polycarbonate (PC) and poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) are used to fabricate microfluidic devices via hot embossing. To emboss microchannels, we use(More)
UV roll-to-roll nanoimprinting at high resolution is still a relatively unexplored field of study with far-reaching application potential. One enabling technology that is particularly worthy of attention is mass production of high resolution resin moulds via UV roll-to-roll nanoimprinting at such high throughput and low cost that they can be used only once(More)
An optimized capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector for microchip electophoresis is presented. The detector consists of a pair of top-bottom excitation electrodes and a pair of pickup electrodes disposed onto a very thin plastic microfluidic chip. The detection cell formed by the electrodes is completely encased and shielded in a metal(More)
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