Kamary C Silva

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Herein we describe a large-scale commercial program for in vitro production of embryos from dairy Bos taurus, Bos indicus, and indicus-taurus donors, using sexed sperm. From 5,407 OPU, we compared the number of recovered oocytes (n = 90,086), viable oocytes (n = 64,826), and embryos produced in vitro from Gir (Bos indicus, n = 617), Holstein (Bos taurus, n(More)
UNLABELLED Nebulization associated with noninvasive ventilation is used in emergency services and intensive care units. PURPOSES To compare pulmonary radioaerosol deposition during jet nebulization associated to noninvasive ventilation versus spontaneous breathing nebulization; to measure the rate of lung depuration and the correlation between lung(More)
A 36-year-old female who had a emergency caesarean section 7 years ago due to fetal distress, this time presented to the clinic for the dating scan. Transvaginal ultrasound showed a gestational sac of 21 mm size with a fetal pole over the previous caesarean scar and there were no free fluid in the peritoneal cavity. Patient was clinically asymptomatic on(More)
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