Kamarul Hawari Ghazali

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The Vector Evaluated Particle Swarm Optimisation algorithm is widely used to solve multiobjective optimisation problems. This algorithm optimises one objective using a swarm of particles where their movements are guided by the best solution found by another swarm. However, the best solution of a swarm is only updated when a newly generated solution has(More)
— This paper presents a method to detect an improvised explosive device (IED) by using infrared thermography (IRT) technology. The detection of IED will be done automatically and accurately even the IED detection expert is not present. Combining the advantage of IRT and image processing technique, the proposed method is very efficient and responsive to(More)
— Gas leakage is one of the hazards that can cause major incidents to human injuries, fires as well as high impact on economic. To avoid such situation, a preventive inspection is paramount important. Since gas leakage is unseen by naked eyes due to the energy that are emitted by gas are too small to simulate by eyes, thermal imaging technology is used to(More)
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