Kamaraj Raju

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In earlier studies from this laboratory, Xanthomonas campestris pv. glycines was found to exhibit a nutrition stress-related postexponential rapid cell death (RCD). The RCD was exhibited in protein-rich media but not in starch or other minimal media. This RCD in X. campestris pv. glycines was found to display features similar to those of the programmed cell(More)
Species rich benthic communities have been reported from some seamounts, predominantly from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but the fauna and habitats on Indian Ocean seamounts are still poorly known. This study focuses on two seamounts, a submarine volcano (cratered seamount--CSM) and a non-volcano (SM2) in the Andaman Back-arc Basin (ABB), and the basin(More)
The eighth author's name is incomplete. The complete name is: Kandeepan Chithan. The ninth author's name is incomplete. The complete name is: Mahalakshmi Nithyanandam. In the second sentence of the second paragraph of the Introduction, the word " profess " should say " proteins. " The correct sentence is: " The genetic variations and/or polymorphism at loci(More)
Seven human-specific Alu markers were studied in 574 unrelated individuals from 10 endogamous groups and 2 hill tribes of Tamil Nadu and Kerala states. DNA was isolated, amplified by PCR-SSP, and subjected to agarose gel electrophoresis, and genotypes were assigned for various Alu loci. Average heterozygosity among caste populations was in the range of(More)
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