Kamanio Chattopadhyay

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The transport phenomena (heat transfer, fluid flow and species distribution) are numerically modelled for the case of laser welding of dissimilar metals. The model involves convection in the weld pool along with melting and mixing. The associated metallurgical phenomenon is an extremely complex one, and the present work is a preliminary attempt to model the(More)
A compact mid-infrared channel waveguide laser is demonstrated in Cr:ZnS with a view to power scaling chromium laser technology utilizing the thermo-mechanical advantages of Cr:ZnS over alternative transition metal doped II-VI semiconductor laser materials. The laser provided a maximum power of 101 mW of CW output at 2333 nm limited only by the available(More)
The natural selection and the evolutionary optimization of complex shapes in nature are closely related to their functions. Mechanostabilization of shape of biological structure via morphogenesis has several beautiful examples. With the help of simple mechanics-based modeling and experiments, we show an important causality between natural shape selection as(More)
A three dimensional, transient model is developed for studying heat transfer, fluid flow and mass transfer for the case of a single-pass laser surface alloying process. The numerical study is performed in a coordinate system fixed to the laser which moves with a constant scanning speed. The coupled momentum, energy and species conservation equations are(More)
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