Kamalrulnizam bin Abu Bak

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To evaluate differences in shoulder strength and range of motion between painful and pain-free shoulders we examined two matched groups of athletes. Fifteen competitive swimmers were allocated to two groups. Group 1 consisted of seven swimmers with unilateral shoulder pain related to swimming (Neer and Welsh phase I to II). The control group (Group 2)(More)
Most current intrusion detection methods cannot process large amounts of audit data for real-time operation. In this paper, anomaly network intrusion detection method based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for data reduction and Fuzzy Adaptive Resonance Theory (Fuzzy ART) for classifier is presented. Moreover, PCA is applied to reduce the high(More)
We developed a simple method to measure the anterior-posterior (AP) translation of the shoulder joint: by positioning the Donjoy Knee Laxity Tester horizontally over the shoulder girdle, the AP translation was measured after applying a standardized sagittal force. Measurement of AP-translation during two tests on the same shoulder was reproducible with an(More)
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