Kamaljit Kaur

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In Cloud Computing Architecture, Brokers are responsible to provide services to the end users. An Effective Cost Management System (ECMS) which works over Secure Cloud Communication Paradigm (SCCP) helps in finding a communication link with overall minimum cost of links. We propose an improved Broker Cloud Communication Paradigm (BCCP) with integration of(More)
Wireless sensor networks have many potential applications for both civil and military tasks. However, sensor networks are susceptible to many types of attacks because, deployed in open and unprotected environment. For these cases, it is necessary to use some mechanism of intrusion detection. Besides preventing the intruder from causing damages to the(More)
Ligand-directed targeting and capturing of cancer cells is a new approach for detecting circulating tumor cells (CTCs). Ligands such as antibodies have been successfully used for capturing cancer cells and an antibody based system (CellSearch(®)) is currently used clinically to enumerate CTCs. Here we report the use of a peptide moiety in conjunction with a(More)
The aim of this study was to synthesize a peptide prodrug of glucosamine (GlcN) with increased gut permeability through the gut peptide transporter 1 (PepT1). Glycine-Valine ester derivative of GlcN (GVG) was synthesised using solid phase synthesis followed by characterization and evaluation of its physicochemical and intestinal stability. In addition, GVG(More)
The adsorption of the proteins CD13, mucin and bovine serum albumin on VLGXE-Au and YNGRT-Au interfaces was monitored by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy in the presence of [Fe(CN)6](3-/4-). The hydrophobicity of the Au surface was tailored using specific peptides, blocking agents and diluents. The combination of blocking agents (ethanolamine or(More)
Cloud Network is very broad and unreliable due to its property of elasticity in number of VM and physical nodes in its Virtual Cloud Network (VCN). Nodes can join and withdraw the network at any time. Elasticity is the advantage of cloud computing but it comes with lots of security issues in routing and data forwarding in between packets. VCN working is(More)
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