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Advanced wayside detector technologies can be used to monitor the condition of railcar components, notify railroads of probable failures to equipment and infrastructure in advance, and predict alert of imminent mechanical-caused service failures. Using some statistical data-mining techniques, historical railcar health records from multiple Wayside Defect(More)
About 75% of the world's railroads operate with diesel fuel. Even though European railroads rely on electric traction to a large extent, US railroads rely mostly on diesel fuel (100% of US freight is hauled by diesel locomotives). Like in other industries there is intense competition to keep costs low; and in railroad operations based on diesel locomotives,(More)
Significant hypophosphatemia is commonly due to Vitamin D deficiency. Any sporadic onset of hypophosphatemia in adults warrants workup to identify alternate causes. Hypophosphatemia may also be the only manifestation of an occult malignancy. A high index of clinical suspicion can help diagnose such conditions in early stages. Prompt treatment of the cause(More)
In this paper, we give an overview of the Locomotive Simu-later/Optimizer (LSO) decision support system developed by us for railroads. This software is designed to imitate locomotive movement across a rail network, and it simulates all four major components of the system; trains, locomotives, terminals, and shops in an integrated framework. It includes(More)
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