Kamaldeep Sandhu

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BACKGROUND We undertook this study in order to determine the pattern and prevalence of childhood psoriasis in northern India and to highlight the differences and similarities with previous studies. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this retrospective epidemiologic study, the data from 419 children (less than 14 years of age) with psoriasis registered at the(More)
Angiolymphoid hyperplasia with eosinophilia (ALHE) is an uncommon, idiopathic condition that presents with isolated or grouped plaques or nodules in the periauricular region, forehead, or scalp. ALHE is marked by a proliferation of blood vessels with distinctive large endothelial cells accompanied by a characteristic inflammatory infiltrate that includes(More)
Sporotrichosis is a subcutaneous fungal infection caused by the dimorphic fungus Sporothrix schenckii. Itraconazole has largely replaced older therapies, but we present a case of lymphocutaneous sporotrichosis that failed to respond to an adequate course of itraconazole yet responded dramatically to treatment with saturated solution of potassium iodide(More)
BACKGROUND Disordered differentiation and hyperproliferation of keratinocytes with inflammation are the hallmarks of psoriasis. Ligand activation of peroxisome proliferator receptor-gamma (a class of nuclear receptors) by thiazolidinediones can normalize the histologic features of psoriasis. METHOD In a 10-week, double-blind, randomized,(More)
Chemotherapy-induced pseudomembranous colitis is most commonly associated with methotrexate and 5-fluorouracil. Methotrexate and mesalazine have also been used for the treatment of psoriasis but the effect of these therapies on the Clostridium difficile carriage in the stool of psoriatic patients has not been studied. Our aim was to detect the presence of(More)
INTRODUCTION The nature of dermatological consultations in an emergency setting has not been studied in detail. AIM To evaluate the reasons and the nature of emergency dermatological consultations at a tertiary care centre in India. MATERIAL AND METHODS One hundred consecutive emergency calls received over a period of four months from the emergency(More)
Treatment of patients with severe psoriasis is difficult. Among the number of systemic drugs that are available, methotrexate has long been used, but cyclosporine has been recently recommended for the management of severe psoriasis. The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of daily cyclosporine with weekly methotrexate in the(More)
Palmoplantar psoriasis (PPP) is a chronic, disfiguring condition, and its management is difficult. The systemic side effects of methotrexate can be avoided if it is effective topically. We studied the efficacy and safety of a recently marketed topical methotrexate (0.25%) preparation in a hydrogel base in patients with palmoplantar lesions. A total of 14(More)