Kamaldeep Bhui

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OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of involving patients in the planning and development of health care. DATA SOURCES Published and grey literature. STUDY SELECTION Systematic search for worldwide reports written in English between January 1966 and October 2000. DATA EXTRACTION Qualitative review of papers describing the effects of involving patients in(More)
Background: Each refugee group experiences specific migration and resettlement experiences. There are no epidemiological data on risk factors for psychiatric symptoms among adult Somalis in the UK. Methods: We interviewed a community sample of 180 Somalis. We assessed the relationship between symptoms of psychosis (BPRS), anxiety and depression (SCL–90) and(More)
OBJECTIVES We measured perceived discrimination and its association with common mental disorders among workers in the United Kingdom. METHODS We conducted a secondary analysis of a national sample of 6 ethnic groups (n=2054). Discrimination was measured as reports of insults; unfair treatment at work; or job denial stemming from race, religion, or(More)
BACKGROUND In adults the prevalence of psychological distress varies in different ethnic groups, and this has been explained by differences in socio-economic status. Is this also the case in adolescents? AIMS To examine whether ethnic differences in prevalence of psychological distress in adolescents are associated with social deprivation. METHOD A(More)
In this study, we explored whether social support varied with ethnic group in young people, and if it explained ethnic differences in prevalence of psychological distress. A representative sample of 2790 East London adolescents (11–14 years) completed a classroom-based self-report questionnaire for this cross sectional survey. Social support was assessed(More)
BACKGROUND Inequalities of service use across ethnic groups are important to policy makers, service providers and service users. AIMS To identify ethnic variations in pathways to specialist mental health care, continuity of contact, voluntary and compulsory psychiatric in-patient admissions; to assess the methodological strength of the findings. METHOD(More)
Khat has been used as a stimulant plant in many parts of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula for centuries. Its current use among particular migrant communities in Europe and elsewhere has caused alarm among policy makers and health care professionals. In the United Kingdom, the debate over the psychiatric and social implications of khat use has led to a(More)
BACKGROUND Cultural competency is now a core requirement for mental health professionals working with culturally diverse patient groups. Cultural competency training may improve the quality of mental health care for ethnic groups. METHODS A systematic review that included evaluated models of professional education or service delivery. RESULTS Of 109(More)
BACKGROUND The frequency of mental illness amongst adolescents and its potential long-term consequences make it an important topic to research in relation to risk and protective factors. Research on the relationship between physical activity and depressive symptoms in adolescents is limited. There is a particular lack of evidence from longitudinal studies.(More)
BACKGROUND Psychosocial stressors in the workplace are a cause of anxiety and depressive illnesses, suicide and family disruption. METHODS The present review synthesizes the evidence from existing systematic reviews published between 1990 and July 2011. We assessed the effectiveness of individual, organisational and mixed interventions on two outcomes:(More)