Kamalavasan Srinivasan

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This paper discusses a wavelet based, lossless compression scheme for Electroencephalogram(EEG) signals. For any wavelet based compression scheme, selection of wavelet base is very important task for obtaining effective signal compression. Here, emphasis is given for selection of wavelet basis and number of decomposition levels. The proposed EEG compression(More)
—Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are characterized by frequent network partitioning. This causes network connectivity to be opportunistic. In recent years, many collaborative applications have been envisioned for DTNs. These applications rely on the availability of reliable group communication protocols. To address this challenge in DTNs, we propose a(More)
The fusion of multi-sensory information plays a key role in driving a mobile robot over a fixed lane, object recognition, obstacle avoidance, self localization and path planning. To learn the environment using multi-sensory information, we need both an accurate sensor model and a reasonable sensor fusion methodology. In this paper a novel technique is(More)
Fingerprint identification is one of the salient areas in biometric identification system. The quality of the fingerprint image is imperative for a veracious matching process. Normally, the contrast of the image is improved during the preprocessing phase of fingerprint matching. Contrast refers to the difference between two contiguous pixels. There are(More)
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