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It has been shown that lactate induces insulin resistance. However, the underlying mechanisms have not been well understood. Based on our observation that lactate augments LPS-stimulated inflammatory(More)
Although it has been reported that osteopontin, a matrix glycoprotein and proinflammatory cytokine, mediates obesity-induced adipose tissue macrophage infiltration and insulin resistance, it remains(More)
In this study, a cationic water-soluble ceramide analog L-threo-C6-pyridinium-ceramide-bromide (L-t-C6-Pyr-Cer), which exhibits high solubility and bioavailability, inhibited the growth of various(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Both gingival tissue destruction and regeneration are associated with chronic periodontitis, although the former overwhelms the latter. Studies have shown that transforming(More)