Kamala Krithivasan

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With distributed computing beginning to play a major role in modern Computer Science, the theory of grammar systems and distributed automata has been developed in order to model distributed computing. In this paper, we introduce the notion of distributed automata in the sequential sense. Distributed Automata are a group of automata working in unison to(More)
The concept of cooperation and distribution as known from grammar systems is introduced to spiking neural P systems (in short, SN P systems) in which each neuron has a finite number of sets (called components) of rules. During computations, at each step only one of the components can be active for the whole system and one of the enabled rules from this(More)
In this paper we introduce hexagonal Wang tiles, local hexagonal picture languages, and recognizable hexagonal picture languages. We use hexagonal Wang tiles to introduce hexagonal Wang systems(HWS), a formalism to recognize hexagonal picture languages. It is noticed that the family of hexagonal picture languages defined by hexagonal Wang systems coincides(More)