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Body Wave Crustal Attenuation Characteristics in the Garhwal Himalaya, India
We estimate frequency-dependent attenuation of P and S waves in Garhwal Himalaya using the extended coda normalization method for the central frequencies 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 Hz, withExpand
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Soil characteristics and site effect assessment in the city of Delhi (India) using H/V and f–k methods
Abstract Local site conditions substantially affect the characteristics of seismic waves and its potential to cause earthquake damage. To accurately identify the variation of seismic hazard atExpand
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New species and combinations in Pseudocercospora from India
Pseudocercospora manilkarae sp. nov. on Manilkara hexandra isdescribed, illustrated and compared with allied species. Illustrations and redescriptions are given for Pseudocercospora olacicolaExpand
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New powdery mildews from India
Microsphaera flacourtiae sp. nov., Uncinula peristrophes sp. nov. and Pleochaeta indica sp. nov., collected on Flacourtia sepiaria, Peristrophe bicalyculata and Celtis caucasica , respectively fromExpand
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Two new species of Uncinula from Nepal
Descriptions and illustrations of Uncinula embeliae sp. nov. and U. kydiae-calycinae sp. nov. collected on Embelia ribes and Kydia calycina respectively, from Nepal are given.
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New foliicolous hyphomycetes from India
Four foliicolous hyphomycetes, viz., Bioconiosporium berberidis sp. nov., Pithomyces divaricatus sp. nov., Scolecobasidium trichoides sp. nov., and Tretospora indica sp. nov., collected on livingExpand
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The First Report on Sero-Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in Working Horses and Donkeys in the Sudan
A serological survey of Toxoplasma gondii was conducted using LAT (Latex Agglutination Test) on 205 sera collected from working horses and donkeys in Khartoum State, Sudan. The overallExpand
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New species of Heteroconium, Pseudocercospora and Stenella from India
Descriptions and illustrations of Heteroconium asiaticum sp. nov. from leaves of Grewia asiatica, Pseudocercospora scabrellae sp. nov. on Melothria scabrella and Stenella crotalariicola sp. nov. onExpand
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New species of Corynespora
Three new species of Corynespora: C. morindae-tinctoriae, C. nana and C. rosacearum on Morinda tinctoria, Lantana indica and Eriobotrya japonica respectively, are described and illustrated fromExpand
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