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Current cloud datastores usually trade consistency for performance and availability. However, it is often not clear how an application is affected when it runs under a low level of consistency. In fact, current application designers have basically no tools that would help them to get a feeling of which and how many inconsistencies actually occur for their(More)
Modern transaction systems, consisting of an application server tier and a database tier, offer several levels of isolation providing a trade-off between performance and consistency. While it is fairly well known how to identify qualitatively the anomalies that are possible under a certain isolation level, it is much more difficult to detect and quantify(More)
While online transaction processing applications heavily rely on the transactional properties provided by the underlying infrastructure, they often choose to not use the highest isolation level, i.e., serializability, because of the potential performance implications of costly strict two-phase locking concurrency control. Instead, modern transaction(More)
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