Kamal Sarabandi

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The concept of a novel reactive impedance surface (RIS) as a substrate for planar antennas, that can miniaturize the size and significantly enhance both the bandwidth and the radiation characteristics of an antenna is introduced. Using the exact image formulation for the fields of elementary sources above impedance surfaces, it is shown that a purely(More)
Through-wall imaging/sensing using a synthetic aperture array technique is studied by employing ultrawideband antennas and for wide incidence angles. The propagation through building walls, such as brick and poured concrete in response to point sources near the walls, is simulated by using high-frequency methods. Reciprocity is used to find the responses of(More)
We demonstrate a new class of bandpass frequency selective surface (FSS), the building block of which, unlike the traditional FSSs, makes use of resonant dipole and slot structures that have dimensions much smaller than the operating wavelength. This design allows localization of bandpass characteristics to within a small area on the surface which in turn(More)
A semi-empirical model of the ensemble-averaged differential Mueller matrix for microwave backscattering from bare soil surfaces is presented. Based on existing scattering models and data sets measured by polarimetric scatterometers and the JPL AirSAR, the parameters of the co-polarized phase-difference probability density function, namely the degree of(More)
Magnetic properties were imparted to a naturally nonmagnetic material by metallic inclusions. A patch antenna tested the performance of the magnetic metamaterial as a substrate and validated that a single substrate can achieve a range of miniaturization values. The effective medium metamaterial substrate employed electromagnetically small embedded circuits(More)
The goal of this study is to improve the bandwidth of a miniaturized antenna. The proposed technique combines a slot antenna and a dielectric resonator antenna (DRA) to effectively double the available bandwidth without compromising miniaturization or efficiency. With proper design it is observed that the resonance of the slot and that of the dielectric(More)
In this paper, the unique features of periodic magneto-dielectric meta-materials in electromagnetics are addressed. These materials, which are arranged in periodic configurations, are applied for the design of novel EM structures with applications in the VHF-UHF bands. The utility of these materials is demonstrated by considering two challenging problems,(More)
The idea of using acoustically induced Doppler spectra as a means for target detection and identification is introduced. An analytical solution for the calculation of the bistatic scattered Doppler spectrum from an acoustically excited, vibrating metallic circular cylinder is presented. First the electromagnetic scattering solution of a slightly deformed(More)