Kamal S Bhatia

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In traditional medicine, Panax ginseng has been used to treat various behavioral effects of psychostimulants (e.g., cocaine) and other drugs of abuse and to ameliorate withdrawal symptoms. The neurochemical bases for this efficacy, however, remain to be elucidated. We previously used the real-time fast-scan cyclic voltammetry in rat nucleus accumbens slices(More)
Psychostimulant abuse represents a psychiatric disorder and societal concern that has been largely unamenable to therapeutic interventions. We have previously demonstrated that the 5-HT₃ antagonist ondansetron or non-selective 5-HT(₂A/₂C) antagonist ketanserin administered 3.5 h following daily pergolide, a non-selective DA agonist, reverses previously(More)
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