Kamal Nasrollahi

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The very first step in many facial analysis systems is face detection. Though face detection has been studied for many years, there is not still a benchmark public database to be widely accepted among researchers for which both color and depth information are obtained by the same sensor. Most of the available 3d databases have already automatically or(More)
The performance of different action recognition techniques has recently been studied by several computer vision researchers. However, the potential improvement in classification through classifier fusion by ensemble-based methods has remained unattended. In this work, we evaluate the performance of an ensemble of action learning techniques, each performing(More)
Super-resolution, the process of obtaining one or more high-resolution images from one or more low-resolution observations, has been a very attractive research topic over the last two decades. It has found practical applications in many real-world problems in different fields, from satellite and aerial imaging to medical image processing, to facial image(More)
The heart pulsation sends out the blood throughout the body. The rate in which the heart performs this vital task, heartbeat rate, is of curial importance to the body. Therefore, measuring heartbeat rate, a.k.a. pulse detection, is very important in many applications, especially the medical ones. To measure it, physicians traditionally, either sense the(More)
The face is one of the important remote biometrics and it is used in facial analysis systems, like human-computer interaction, face detection and recognition and so on. The face detection technique is first step for any face recognition system, surveillance system. The real-world challenges of these systems is that they have problem working with(More)
Pain is a critical sign in many medical situations and its automatic detection and recognition using computer vision techniques is of great importance. Utilizes this fact that pain is a spatiotemporal process, the proposed system in this paper employs steerable and separable filters to measures energies released by the facial muscles during the pain(More)
Pain is a vital sign of human health and its automatic detection can be of crucial importance in many different contexts, including medical scenarios. While most available computer vision techniques are based on RGB, in this paper, we investigate the effect of combining RGB, depth, and thermal facial images for pain intensity level recognition. For this(More)