Kamal N. Karna

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In the following report, we describe a new shell for building abductive problem solving agents. This shell, called Peirce-IGTT 1 , can be used in conjunction with other problem solving tools constructed at the Laboratory for Arti cial Intelligence Research at The Ohio State University in order to build large knowledgebased systems. Peirce itself is a tool(More)
In recognition of the tremendous growth of and the benefits provided by communications satellites, the Guest Editors believe it important to present this special issue covering the broad spectrum of software associated with communications satellites. The first tutorial article is an overview of all the software associated with communications satellites.(More)
[17] Charles S. Peirce. Abduction and induction. In Justus Buchler, editor, Philosophical Writings of Peirce, chapter 11, pages 150{156. Dover, 1955. [18] William F. Punch. A Diagnosis System Using a Task Integrated Problem Solver Architecture (TIPS), Including Causal Reasoning. PhD thesis, The Ohio State University, 1989. [19] J. Reggia. Diagnostic expert(More)
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