Kamal Lochan Panigrahi

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We analyze open and mixed sector tree-level amplitudes of N = 2 strings in a space-time with (2,2) signature, in the presence of constant B field. The expected topological nature of string amplitudes in the open sector is shown to impose nontrivial constraints on the corresponding noncommutative field theory. In the mixed sector, we first compute a 3-point(More)
We show the existence of nonthreshold bound states of (p,q) string networks and D3-branes, preserving 1/4 of the full type-IIB supersymmetry, interpreted as string networks "dissolved" in D3-branes. We also explicitly write down the expression for the mass density of the system and discuss the extension of the construction to other Dp-branes. Differences in(More)
We reply to the comments made by Lechtenfeld et al[1] on our paper[2] (hep-th/0011206). We also point out that the main result of [1] can be incorporated in [2] through a minor extension of one of the equations in our paper. In [1], several points of " misconceptions " have been raised about our paper[2]. First, it has been pointed out that the string(More)
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