Kamal Lochan Panigrahi

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By using Dirac-Born-Infeld action we study the real time dynamics of D-branes in the vicinity of a stack of Dp-branes where the role of the tachyon of the open string models is played by the radial mode on the D-branes. We examine the behaviour of the tachyon potential and study the hamiltonian formulation and classical solutions of such systems. We also(More)
We study rolling radion dynamics of electrified D-brane in NS5-brane background, both in effective field theory and in full open string theory. We construct exact boundary states and, from them, extract conserved Noether currents. We argue that T-duality and Lorentz boost offer an intuitive approach. In the limit of large number of NS5-branes, both boundary(More)
We present two classes of brane solutions in pp-wave spacetime. The first class of branes with a rotation parameter are constructed in an exact string background with NS-NS and R-R flux. The spacetime supersymmetry is analyzed by solving the standard Killing spinor equations and is shown to preserve the same amount of supersymmetry as the case without the(More)
We construct a family of supersymmetric solutions in time-dependent backgrounds in supergravity theories. One class of the solutions are intersecting brane solutions and another class are brane solutions in pp-wave backgrounds, and their intersection rules are also given. The relation to existing literature is also discussed. An example of D1-D5 with linear(More)
A class of Dp and Dp-D(p + 4)-brane solutions are constructed in the Penrose limit of the linear-dilaton geometry. The classical solutions are shown to break all space-time supersymmetries. In the worldsheet description, the branes preserve as many supersymmetries as D-branes in flat space. It is shown that these supersymmetries do not have zero modes on(More)
We study various configurations of rotating and wound D1-brane in AdS 5 × S 5 background and in its β deformed version. We find giant magnon and spike solutions on the world-volume of D1-brane in AdS 5 × S 5 background. We also analyse the equations of motion of D1-brane in β-deformed background. We show that in the limit of large electric flux on(More)