Kamal Kumar Sharma

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In wireless sensor networks (WSN), an ideal transport layer needs to support reliable message delivery and provide congestion control in an efficient manner in order to extend the lifetime of a WSN. The main use of transport protocol in WSN is to overcome the congestion and the reliability with energy efficiency. In this paper, we develop a reliable and(More)
Digital relays can more precisely and economically manage system protection, coordination and communication as compared to traditional analog electrical-mechanical relays. The digital relay is a multifunctional device using numerical algorithms. Digital relaying compared to static relays, digital relays introduce Analogue to digital convertor (A/D(More)
The pervasive computing systems inside modern day automobiles are made up of hundreds of interconnected, often replaceable software components. In-vehicle multimedia components and applications are becoming complex artifacts due to advancement in technology and increased competition. There is a growing need for software platform to enable efficient(More)
The present study focuses on identification and compositional characterization of neutral (tri acyl glycerides, TAG; free fatty acids, FFA) and polar (glyco/ glycerophospho) lipids, and fatty acid chains constituting these lipids in the cyclohexane, dichloromethane and methanol extracts or algal oils of microalgae biomasses. Algal oils were generated by(More)
Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing (GPSR) is a proven efficient geographical routing protocol for wireless sensor network. It provides routing support for Wireless Sensor Network. However, Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing is designed for the symmetric links usually bidirectional in nature, but sensor networks are often asymmetric in nature. In Wireless(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN's), congestion plays an important role in degrading the performance of the network. Under idle condition, the network load is very low whereas when an event is detected the network load becomes high which leads to congestion. Due to congestion the overall performance of the network degrades. Hence it is necessary to(More)
Surface Acoustic Wave filter, a semiconductor device that is used to filter out desired frequencies. Widely used in mobile phones to filter both RF and IF frequencies, a SAW filter uses the piezoelectric effect to turn the input signal into vibrations that are turned back into electrical signals in the desired frequency range. Saw filters are(More)
With the rapid proliferation of wireless services into automotive domain, it is of paramount importance to understand how reliably data can be sent through a custom wireless local area network (WLAN). Thanks to a large body of research, WLAN throughput under saturated and non-saturated traffic condition has been well understood. In this paper, we preset the(More)