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The global epidemic of type 2 diabetes demands the rapid evaluation of new and accessible interventions. This study investigated whether Aegle marmelos fruit aqueous extract (AMF; 250, 500 and 1000 mg/kg) improves insulin resistance, dyslipidemia and β-cell dysfunction in high fat diet fed-streptozotocin (HFD-STZ)-induced diabetic rats by modulating(More)
A case-control study was conducted to understand the risk factors associated with kala-azar in disease-endemic areas of Bihar, India. A total of 134 kala-azar cases treated at the Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences in Patna and 406 healthy controls selected randomly from the neighborhoods of cases in their native villages were included(More)
AIMS To evaluate a safe sputum processing method for detection of tuberculosis in developing countries. METHODS A sample processing method was developed in which acid fast bacilli were killed with 1% sodium hypochlorite and concentrated by flotation on a layer of xylene before staining by the Ziehl Neelsen or auramine O methods. RESULTS Best results(More)
To investigate the effect of bacosides (alcoholic extract of brahmi) on scopolamine (3 mg kg(-1), ip), sodium nitrite (75 mg kg(-1), ip) and BN52021 (15 mg kg(-1), ip) induced experimental amnesia in mice, using Morris water maze test, all the agents were administered 30 min before the acquisition trials on each day and repeated for 4 consecutive days, and(More)
INTRODUCTION Transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block is a new regional analgesic technique for postoperative pain in abdominal surgery. Its efficacy is not clear, and thus it needs to be explored for its regular utilisation on prolonged period. The objective was to study the continuous local anaesthetic infusion effect on postoperative analgesia. Continuous(More)
A pilot study for the control of Ph. argentipes, a known vector of kala-azar in India, was carried out using an ecological approach. Of the 15 houses selected for the study 10, including the cattle sheds and latrines, were plastered with a mixture of mud and lime, up to a height of 1.22 m taking care to seal all cracks and crevices. The remaining five(More)
A 50-year-old woman developed headache and right-sided ophthalmoplegia upon awakening from general anesthesia after liposuction surgery on her abdomen, hips, and thighs. Neuroimaging showed hemorrhage within a previously undiagnosed pituitary adenoma. The confirmatory surgical specimen contained areas of gross infarction and hemorrhage. The anesthesia(More)
Curcumin, an active component of turmeric, is a well-known antioxidant due to its reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavenging property. However, some in vitro studies have suggested that curcumin induces generation of ROS at higher doses and thus exerts pro-oxidant effect. We demonstrate, for the first time, the dose-dependent effects of curcumin in(More)
One of the most deleterious side effects of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) is gastric injury. In order to prevent this, attempt has been made to make novel nitric oxide (NO) releasing NSAIDs. The NO-releasing moiety (nitroxybutylester), which is combined with NSAIDs, has been shown to be responsible for gastrointestinal protection. Various(More)
The nocturnal activity of Phlebotomus argentipes (Diptera: Psychodidae), the main vector of Leishmania donovani in India, was studied throughout a year, with monthly collections, between 18.00 and 06.00 hours, of the sandflies landing on 15 humans and 15 cows in the village of Bahapur, Patna district. The cattle appeared to be better as bait, since more(More)