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– A Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) is a self-configuring network composed of mobile nodes without any fixed infrastructure. In a MANETs, there are no difference between a host node and a router so that all nodes can be source as well as forwarders of traffic. Moreover, all MANET components can be mobile. They provide robust communication in a variety of(More)
A wireless sensor network is a resource constraint network, in which all sensor nodes have limited resources. In order to save resources and energy, data must be aggregated, and avoid amounts of traffic in the network. The aim of data aggregation is that eliminates redundant data transmission and enhances the life time of energy in wireless sensor network.(More)
— Data aggregation is very crucial techniques in wireless sensor network. Because with the help of data aggregation we reduce the energy consumption by eliminating redundancy .when wireless sensor network deployed in remote area or hostile environment. In the wireless sensor network have most challenging task is life time so with help of data aggregation we(More)
— Wireless Sensor networks consist of a large number sensor nodes that are deployed in some geographical area. The purpose of the network is to sense the environment and report what happens in the area it is deployed in. With various potential application wireless sensor network has many challenges. Energy is the main constraint of the wireless sensor(More)
In recent years group-oriented services are one of the primary application classes that are addressed by Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET). To support such services, multicast routing is used. Multicast routing is the simultaneous delivery of data stream to multiple destinations without sending duplicate copies over any one link with the objective of resource(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) consists of mobile nodes which is connected without any centralized administration. The main popularity of MANET is to ensure that lack of infrastructure, self organization and no access point. Mobile nodes are sharing their data whenever and wherever it's needed. To maintain the effective data sharing, the data(More)
The distributed shared resource system owned by an organization forms a Cloud. These shared resources are accessed through network. Security, reliability and efficient resource utilization are the major challenges. This paper proposes a more secure, reliable and space efficient model for Cloud services, particularly, Infrastructure as a Service. A protocol(More)