Kamal K. Mehta

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In this paper we presented a tracking of multiple objects from a given video dataset. Multiple objects can be tracked simultaneously using Kalman filter and optical flow algorithm. We presented improved optical flow algorithm which not only gives better accuracy but also handles occlusion in a video. So, improved optical flow algorithm is found to be more(More)
This research paper presents the extensive survey of the state-of-the-art detection of object from video and also classifies the detection approaches into different categories. Detection is generally performed in the context of higher-level applications that require the location and/or shape of the object in every frame. As the detection of objects from(More)
55 Abstract-Advancements of technology help in providing effective decision-making and problem solving in many aspects of life. Amongst the available technologies, Information Technology (IT) is one of the leading technologies in effectively utilizing the scarce resources to encounter the gap between solutions provided by existing methodologies and demands(More)
The precise information of a tumor plays an important role in the treatment of malignant tumors. The manual segmentation of brain tumors from Magnetic Resonance images (MRI) is time consuming task. Processing of MRI images is one of the parts of this field. The detection and extraction of tumor is done from patient's MRI scan images of the brain. The(More)
Automatic vehicle classification has expanded into a momentous topic of study due to its importance in autonomous navigation, traffic analysis, surveillance security systems, and transportation management. This paper presents multiclass image based classification of vehicles like bikes and cars using soft computing algorithms like artificial neural network(More)
37 Abstract— Segmentation of Brain tumor accurately is a challenging task in MRI. The MRI image is an image that produces a high contrast images indicating regular and irregular tissues that help to distinguish the overlapping in margin of each limb. But when the edges of tumor is not sharped then the segmentation results are not accurate i.e. segmentation(More)
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