Kamal El-Baradie

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In the title compound, [CoBr(2)(C(14)H(24)N(4))]·Br, the Co(III) ion is located on an inversion centre and possesses a distorted octa-hedral coordination geometry in which four nitro-gen donors of the ligand mol-ecule are in the equatorial plane and two Br(-) ions occupy both the axial sites to give a trans isomer. The Br(- )counter- anion is also located(More)
The asymmetric unit the title compound, C(18)H(16)N(4)O(3)S·2C(3)H(7)NO, contains a mol-ecule in a zwitterionic form with a deprotonated hydroxyl group and an iminium group, and two dimethyl-formamide solvent mol-ecules. The dihedral angles of the guanidine group and the naphthyl ring system with respect to the central benzene ring are 76.04 (7) and 3.45(More)
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