Kamal E H El Tahir

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1. The effects of the volatile oil (V.O.) of the black seed (Nigella sativa) on the arterial blood pressure and heart of urethane-anaesthetized rats were investigated and the effects were compared with those of its constituent thymoquinone (T.Q.). 2. Intravenous administration of V.O. in the dose range (4-32 microliters kg.-1) or T.Q. (0.2-1.6 mg kg-1) to(More)
1. The effect of the volatile oil (VO) of the black seed (Nigella sativa) on the respiratory system of the urethane-anaesthetized guinea-pig was investigated and compared with those of its constituent thymoquinone (TQ). 2. Intravenous administration of VO in the dose range (4-32 microliters kg-1) induced dose-dependent increases in the respiratory rate and(More)
Prostacyclin, an unstable metabolite of arachidonic acid metabolism, has been shown to have potent platelet antiaggregatory and vasodilator activity. Available evidence suggests that arterial prostacyclin production is diminished in the diabetic state. In this study we have examined the sensitivity of platelets from diabetic subjects to the antiaggregatory(More)
The influence of sesame and cod liver oils (0.5 and 1 g/kg/day s.c. for 2 weeks) on arterial PGI2 synthesis in the rat was investigated using a rat platelet antiaggregatory bioassay and HPLC methods. Smaller doses did not affect PGI2 synthesis. However, sesame oil at a dose of 1 g/kg/day significantly stimulated PGI2 synthesis, whereas cod liver oil at the(More)
The present study reports Gas chromatographic mass analysis (GC-MS) as well as important biological activities of Cymbopogon proximus essential oil. The chemical composition of the essential oil of Cymbopogon proximus was investigated by GC-MS. Furthermore, the effects of Cymbopogon proximus essential oil on the cardiac parasympathetic ganglia in rats, the(More)
The release of prostacyclin from chopped myometrial fractions of 18-20 day pregnant rats was assayed by inhibition of ADP-induced aggregation of citrated rabbit platelet-rich plasma. Preincubation of myometrial tissue with oxytocin 10 mU/ml increased prostacyclin generation from 2.25 +/- 0.48 (control) to 3.75 +/- 0.73 ng/mg over 15 minutes. Bradykinin 20(More)
Two new flavane gallates were isolated from the leaves of Plicosepalus curviflorus. The structure of the new compounds was established as 2S,3R-3,3',4',5,7-pentahydroxyflavane-5-O-gallate (1) and 2S,3R-3,3',4',5,5',7-hexahydroxyflavane-4',5-di-O-gallate (2), respectively. In addition, seven known compounds (-)-catechin (3), quercetin (4), lupeol (5),(More)
The cardiovascular effects of N-methyl-1,2-diphenyl ethanolamine (compound M) and N-isobutyl-1,2-diphenyl ethanolamine (compound E) were examined in anaesthetized rats and their effects were compared with those of verapamil and diltiazem. Administration of compound M (10-80 mumole/kg), compound E (2-16 mumole/kg), diltiazem (1.5-24 mumole/kg) or verapamil(More)
The influence of some oral hypoglycaemic sulfonyl ureas on PGI2 release by the rat thoracic aorta in vitro was examined using reversed phase HPLC. The column (Micro Pack MCH-10) (30 cm X 4 mm) was eluted using the solvent mixture:acetonitrile:glacial acetic acid:water (23:0.1:76.9v/v/v). Preincubation of the aortae with the sulfonyl ureas (15 microM)(More)
1 The scraped myometrium of the pregnant uterus of the rat, when chopped and incubated, released an antiaggregatory material closely resembling prostacyclin (PGI2). The material was conclusively identified as PGI2 by identification of its hydrolysis product 6-oxo-prostaglandin F12 (6-oxo-PGF1 alpha) by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). 2 Peak(More)