Kamal Alameh

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We propose an optical wireless communication network architecture employing an all-optical central communication unit and optical transceiver units. The network can easily be installed when communication network facilities are partially damaged by a disaster. The network performance is simulated at 1Gbit/s, over 1km under different weather conditions.
We report optimization of the steering efficiency of the 1-D Opto-VLSI processor using direct power measurement method for wavelengths in the near-IR and 632 nm. Highest improvement observed for the signal and interport isolation is 8 dB and 12 dB respectively. This improved performance of the processor is crucial to the realization of low crosstalk(More)
In this paper, we propose and demonstrate a new MicroPhotonic structure for optical packet header recognition based on the integration of an optical cavity, optical components and a photoreceiver array. The structure is inherently immune to optical interference thereby routing an optical header within optical cavities to different photo receiver elements to(More)
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