Kamal Abou Hamdan

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We propose a general stochastic model for the UT1-LOD system and derive the corresponding Kalman filter model. This stochastic model consists of an arbitrary sum of continous time autoregressive moving average (A RMA) processes, each chosen to characterize a different frequency band. The transition matrix which corresponds to the overall system and the(More)
OBJECTIVES Little is known about the prescribing of medications in the growing population of homebound older adults. We report on the prevalence and pattern of inappropriate medications in a nursing home-eligible, homebound population. DESIGN A cross-sectional design. SETTING A managed care plan for individuals meeting nursing home eligibility. (More)
This Country Study is based on a full national report that is the first to draw a profile of poverty in Lebanon based on m oney-m etric poverty m easurem ents of household expenditures. The report provides a com prehensive overview of the characteristics of the poor and estim ates the extent of poverty and the degree of inequality in the country. It finds(More)
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