Kamal A. ElDahshan

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In this paper, we propose a methodology to enhance the evaluation tools in semantic learning systems. Our proposal’s aim is to evaluate two types of open questions in hybrid exams. The proposed technique in the first type MOQ (Multi Operations Question) uses the matrix concept for fuzzy score. But POQ (Proof Open Question) is more complicated so we use(More)
RC4 is the most widely used stream cipher algorithm. It is used to protect valuable electronic information. However, RC4 encryption algorithm suffers from a secret key generation as a seed problems. This paper proposes an intelligent dynamic secret key generation as a seed by employing an Evolutionary Algorithm (EA). The proposed RC4-EA method tends to(More)
Image segmentation is considered the most critical step in image processing and plays a vital role in computer vision especially in the medical field. In this work, the segmentation framework based on the color perception characteristics of eyes for acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) images is proposed to segment each leukemia image into two regions: blasts(More)
Image segmentation is considered the most critical step in image processing and helps to analyze, infer and make decisions especially in the medical field. Analyzing digital microscope images for earlier acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis and treatment require sophisticated software and hardware systems. These systems must provide both highly accurate(More)
The contrast enhancement of the satellite images without producing unnatural and unclear images is an important challenge in image processing. Also, the clouds are an important issue in the real satellite image. So, this paper proposes a method to enhance the contrast of the cloudy satellite image. The proposed method relies on modifying and integrating the(More)
Most authentication schemes are using physical token such as smart cards to restrict services. Although these schemes have been widely deployed for various kinds of daily applications; there are severe challenges regarding their infrastructure requirements and security. This paper proposes an efficient authentication protocol based on user’s(More)
Reading the opinion behind the text is a big challenge. In another way, we need to automatically read opinions and moods as a natural language. Ontology -based plays a main role to solve the problems in this field. That is from the features of the ontology based as covering the semantics of the concepts. So, in this paper, we propose a flexible(More)
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