Kam-Weng Tam

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—This paper addresses the problem of rate selection for the cooperative hybrid automatic repeat request with chase combination (HARQ-CC) system, where time correlated Nakagami-m fading channels are considered. To deal with this problem, the closed-form cumulative distribution function (CDF) for the combine SNRs through maximal ratio combining (MRC) is first(More)
— A novel parallel coupled-line bandpass filter with suppression at the 2 nd harmonic frequency is presented in this paper. This structure offers a simple design methodology and corresponding implementation. An example of a 900 MHz prototype bandpass filter is used to demonstrate the performance of the new structure. The measured results agree well with the(More)
In this paper a novel interdigital bandpass filter with under-coupled quarter-wavelength resonators is proposed. With this new structure, the spurious response up to the 3 rd harmonic passband can be suppressed significantly whilst the fundamental passband remains unchanged. Also, this design can take full advantage of the traditional interdigital filter(More)
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