Kam-Hoi Cheng

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The system partitioning problem in a partitionable mesh connected system (PMCS) is addressed. A two dimensional buddy system (2DBS) is proposed as a partitioning scheme for dynamic resource allocation in a PMCS. Allocation and reclamation algorithms and the method for locating buddies are designed. Internal fragmentation of our proposed 2DBS under various(More)
In this paper, we address the job scheduling problem in a partitionable mesh-connected system when jobs require square meshes and the system is a square mesh of size a power of two. We present a heuristic algorithm of time complexity O(n(log n + log p))where n is the number of jobs to be scheduled and p is the size of the system. The algorithm adopts the(More)
The static job scheduling problem in apartitionable mesh connected system (PMCS) is addressed. The relationship between static job scheduling and system partitioning is discussed and a lower bound for the absolute worst case performance of any polynomial time static job scheduling approximation algorithm in PMCS is obtained. A heuristic algorithm based on(More)